What To Do Until A&A Comes Through?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by IrishMarie, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. IrishMarie

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    I have just begun to check on options for my mother's care and found this web site. It's already been helpful!
    If we move mom (spouse of deceased veteran) to an assisted living facility and apply for A&A...there could be many months before a benefit is received. What do people do? And when the benefit comes through....can you re-imburse yourself for paying for your parent's care until then?

    If we move mom to a nursing home and apply...we will need to apply for Medicaid. Simply cannot afford the cost ourselves. Same question....when the benefit comes through....can you re-imburse yourself for paying for your parent's care until then?

    I just went through qualifying a mother-in-law for Medicaid....9 months. We covered expensed until then. How does the A&A affect Medicaid eligibility?

    Appreciate any help/guidance - Thank you.
  2. nananorma

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    I'm wondering the same thing - can I reimburse myself when it comes through? My mom (age 86) had enough to pay the first month at assisted living, I've paid the next two months from my savings, then she'll have accrued enough to pay next month. I'll run out of my own savings before the year is out. At that point, I may have to apply for Medicaid and move her to a nursing home, which I don't want to do since she's able bodied but has moderate dementia. This whole process is so disheartening, but hopefully worth it unless she dies before it comes through. I wish someone could give us some hope, don't you??
  3. SCD

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    Not an expert on this............but have the same senerio.......father is paying 2,500/mo (this is with a 1,500 discount) for his care in assisted/memory care facility. Income of 1,200 and assets of 5,000.
    As far as I know you cannot reimbures yourself. You need to apply ASAP!!!!
    Get thru the paperwork as quickly as possible, once they receive your claim and approve you the pay is from the date they received your claim....you still may not get any money for awhile, but at least this part of the waiting will be reimbursed. Try neogiating with the assisted living facility, we did and they took off 1,500 a month!!!! The paper work took a long time to get thru (getting all the doc's needed mostly because since my father has dementia and they wouldn't accept the POA (power of attorney) they needed their own filed. This was social security (which I had to apply for representive payee..which took more time), and anything to do with the VA. Go to "vetassist.org" and they will give you a step by step guide to filling in the application (very important to do it the way the VA needs it filled in) and between them and this website you should be able to get thru it alot quicker...I got mine approved first time and in only 8 weeks (will be reimbursed for those 8 weeks also)....Now I'm dealing with the fiduciary part, at least we have the money collecting for us. Do the paperwork as carefully as possible, make sure all documents are in (including an original DD-214...which you can get online from the VA or have a VA person make an official copy). I also included a cover page stating what I was summiting (which forms, which supporting documents etc). Found the biggest hang up collecting everything was getting my Dads doctors (VA doctors) to fill the physicans form! DO NOT EXPECT THEM TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT A&A...I HAD TO EXPLAIN IT TO THEM!!!!! Use these websites (veternaid and vetassist) to help...I could not have done it without them.
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    Well, I used that website and used the exact wording that they recommended. The VA returned my two previous letters. I doubt that they even read them. Hopefully with what I sent the last time with that wording will work in getting the fiduciary process going. My mother was approved after approximately 10 days - we had a wonderful Dr. who did the paperwork with no problem. We had all documents and there was no issue with anything. It's the fiduciary process that's slowing us down, but just knowing she'll get the retroactive money is encouraging. The director of my mom's assisted living facility was so helpful because he had just completed the process for his parents and started getting assistance after about 6-7 months.
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    I found this on another website. Hope it might be useful:

    "I respectfully question the withholding of my (parent's) benefits, pending the appointment of a fiduciary. Referencing a VA policy: Pursuant to VA Manual M21-1, Section 17.15: Procedure Upon Receipt of Evidence of Incompetency, your manual states: "Do not routine suspend direct payments to a beneficiary pending development of an issue of incompetency or certification of a fiduciary." The manual further states: "If entitlement to benefits has been established but no payment has been made or if increased benefits are payable, make a determination as to whether or not benefits should be paid directly pending certification. The determination should consider if delaying the payment of the benefits would cause undue hardship for the beneficiary. If the evidence of record shows that delaying payment would create a hardship, properly annotate the award, referencing the evidence reviewed and the justification for paying benefits directly to the beneficiary." I think if you reference my (parent's) claim, you will see that withholding his/her payment does constitute a hardship for him/her. I would like to request that he/she receive payments during the ficuciary appointment process.

    Whew, quite a mouthful. But maybe it will let the VA know that you know what's going on.

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