what is the death benefit?

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    I filed an AA claim for my 83 year old mother as a surviving spouse 15 months ago. I talked to VA center in MN several times and contacted our congressman which got me nowhere. But, last Thursday, she received approval!! I was beginning to think it would never happen. Debbie, thanks to your website here, my mother will be receiving $1,113 a month towards her rent at her ALF. That will allow her money to last twice as long as it would have. I could have never done it without all your help and the encouragement of everyone on here. It felt like I had someone taking me by the hand with every step of the way.

    But, with the approval comes a few questions. The VA wants to declare her incompetant, which I expected. I will be filling out the form and requesting the fiduciary interview right away. My question is, VA said they granted death pension benefits and they approved an additional allowance for aid and attendance. Do the death pensions benefits mean when she dies she will get a benefit or is it included as part of the monthly allowance? The other question I have is: it said that we are responsible for letting VA know if anything changes financially for her. Her medical expenses have gone up (not down) since I first filed but since she is getting the full award do I still need to let them know? And what if we sell her car? Should we report that to them? Her assets are less than $20,000. Thanks from us both.
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    How awesome, and Congratulations!! I know it can be hard to hold on sometimes, but it really is worth it.

    Death pension is just another term, and part of the pension calculations - it is not something separate. Continue keeping a good record of her expenses, but since she is at full award and it would not increase her pension amount, no need to notify at this time.

    Glad you found us and to have shared in this journey with you. Give your Mom a big hug!

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