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    Is it true I should only focus on no more than 2 of Dad's illness when Dr completes physicians form?
    Dad has; Parkinsons; congestive heart failure; peripheral artery disease, diabetes, renal failure stage 4 & Bone Cancer. He has been unable to thrive on his own for 19 months. His primary care dr will complete forms & we'll find out next week how far his cancer has spread. (Dad has had heart disease & bone cancer for many years)

    ?? Should all diagnosis be listed or just focus on main issues? Dad is 84

    Mom (87) has moderately severe Alzheimers, Parkinson's & legally blind

    ?? Do I understand correctly that I need to submit physician forms for each?

    ?? Should primary complete forms or specialists? Think I remember reading to limit it to only one doctor.

    I've been caring for Mom for 4+ years & quit my job 2 years ago when Dad come to live with us as well.
    Care giving is definitely a 36 hour day. If it weren't for stumbling onto your website I'm be a basket case doing this on my own. Thank you to all for sharing.
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    there are several posts on form 21-2680 the doc form. THe issue is how dows the desease affect the ability to perform the activities.
    Please read the posts. You fill uot the form. the doctor signs it.
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    We are so glad you found us!

    You do need to have a form filled out on both of them as you will be filing for a veteran with a spouse.

    The dr. or you just needs to list all their issues. Advisable to let the Primary complete as they have all their information where the Specialist may not. With what they have going on, there is no question that they need assistance.

    Search these forums and reference back to the site to the FAQ's and other information that will get you through this. Look at the postings about successes and see what others have done. Let me know what state you/they are in so I can let you know the proper office you want to mail the application to.

    Hang in there!
  4. caregiverx2

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    Thank you Debbie & Jpez;
    We live in Florida.
  5. vetadmin

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    Mail to:

    Philadelphia Pension Maintenance Center
    Veterans Administration
    5000 Wissahickon Aveunue
    Philadelphia, PA 19101

    Be sure to keep a complete copy for yourself and send Return Receipt.
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    I thank my lucky stars (among other things) that I found your site.

    I make a promise to you that when we receive benefit we WILL make a nice donation.

    Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving:)

  7. vetadmin

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    I'm glad that my efforts to share information about this pension have proven to be helpful, and I wish you the very best in getting your application approved without any issues.

    I graciously thank you for considering a donation to support this effort.

    Please keep us posted, and be sure to keep a copy of everything, and always send "Return Receipt"

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