What happens if the veteran or spouse dies before the benefit is granted

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    I have been collecting lots of info on the A&A benefit for my 86 year old Mom who is the spouse of a deceased WWII veteran. She has just been admitted to assisted living but she has a terminal brain tumor and lung cancer and was not given more than a few months to live - but so far she has made it 9 months since diagnosis, so who knows??? Is doing well and in Asst living, not a nursing home so she has a ways to go. But still not sure if it is worth the effort to file an A&A application given all the horror stories I keep reading and what appears to be a very uncooperative VA. It appears that she is eligible by income and assets, and her assists will last less than one year at this rate. But again, her prognosis is terminal. Is it even worth the effort to start this? What would happen if she dies before receiving any benefit which is a distinct possibility?
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    We are sorry to hear that your mom has had such a battle to face, but it sounds as though she is a fighter.

    We want to make sure that you understand she does not have to be in a Nursing Home to be eligible for A&A. She can qualify in an ALF.

    The answer as to whether to start the process given her prognosis is something that you need to determine for yourself. We would suggest that you look at her need for financial assistance should she continue to defy the odds and how could or would you pay for those care expenses.

    While there are far too many horror stories, there are those who have managed to sail right through the process and receive the award in record time. Due to her condition, you have the right to ask for expedited processing and need to provide documentation supporting her immediate need.

    In the event a veteran or spouses passes before monies are awarded on an approved application, anyone who incurred expenses associated with burial and final arrangements is entitled to file against those out of pocket expenses for reimbursement. The remainder of any accrued monies is forfeited.

    We wish you both the very best with your circumstances.

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