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    Looking for some answers regarding my father, the veteran, being moved to a nursing home after being care for in his own home by caregivers during the day and evening. He was admitted yesterday. Do I need to notify the VA by phone or mail, and if so which form do I use? His insurance will pay for everything for 7 months (210 days) and he is also a hospice patient . He will probably stay there permanently unless I can find someone reliable and trustworthy enough to care for him on overnight stays. If I can provide him with 24 hour care I would like to bring him home. Would he be able to re-instate the A & A if this happens? Will he need to return the check that he received for September? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. This has been just heart wrenching for me to do as I told him he would never have to go to nursing home. :(
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    Sorry for the difficult situation.

    No, he should not have to return the check on the 1st as the VA is always 30 days out.

    You do need to send VA form 21-4138 Statement in Support of Claim letting the VA know where he is and that insurance is paying up to 7 months. If he is not going to have any care expenses that are not going to be covered, then they more than likely will suspend the pension. In the event you can bring him home and provide care there, then you would send the same form again updating the VA so he can have it reinstated.

    Hope it can all be worked out for you and your Dad.
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    Thank you so much for your help. I greatly appreciate it. He will have everything covered by his insurance. I will fill out the form and mail it quickly to let them know of his situation. Again, I thank you so much for all of your information.
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    You're very welcome Kimmy, and wish you and your Dad the best!

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