VA wants to know about elderly veterans pre paid funeral arrangement value

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dkutzli, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. dkutzli

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    In all the reading and every that I have done I don't recall prepaid funeral arrangements being considered an asset that the VA looks at as part of the A&A evaluation.

    Did I miss something somewhere? Why is this rude woman from the VA calling about this?
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    To be honest I don't know. How are they even aware of this?
  3. For me, the VA didnt ask that but I was told that since I was my mom's Fiduciary and I was using Fiduciary funds that when the preburial arrangements were purchased, I would just need to fax them her paperwork that would include the cost as well as how it was set up (it had to be set up a certain way in her name). Unfortunately, i was waiting on her retro funds to fully pay for her pre arrangements and she died before they were released but she had more than enough in her fiduciary account to cover all the costs involved.
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    Did you file against those accrued benefits to pay for the expenses? If you or another family member paid for final arrangements, you need to do so if you did not.
  5. No, I didnt pay anything out of pocket as I used some of the money that was remaining in her Fiduciary account. Shes been getting benefits for years, so shes had enough money to cover all of her expenses.
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    The reimbursement I am speaking about is if a family member paid expenses on behalf of the vet or widow. If she had enough in her own account to cover that, then this would not apply to your situation.
  7. dkutzli

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    I should have mentioned that my parents (Veteran and spouse) had made and paid for their burial arrangements in the 1970's and the final cremation arrangement was paid for in full in 2003. The VA representative has not contacted me back, which quite frankly I'm glad about. She wasn't very knowledgeable about the A&A program and I had to keep telling her that everything she was asking for had been filed in the original packet and that many of the things she was saying to me were incorrect. I 'm very familiar with the application process since spearheading the process for my parents, and my folks have been receiving the benefit for almost 2 years now.

    As a follow up... My Dad (WWII Veteran) passed away in early November 2014. I hope that the process of reduction of the A & A benefit that my Mom is entitled to goes smoothly. Which brings us to another question, since I was named fiduciary for my Dad and his VA benefits am I automatically named fiduciary for my Mom? Is she required to have one?

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    Our condolences on the loss of your Dad.

    Not sure if you are aware of this or not, but your Mom will need to make a brand new application with the VA as the "widow" of a veteran. It is not an automatic process for the VA to recalculate for the surviving spouse.

    The appointing of a Fiduciary will be the same process you went through with your Dad in the event that your Mom is found mentally incompetent to handle her own financial affairs.

    Again, our sympathies and certainly do wish the VA would make things easier in these circumstances.

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