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    This site deserves many medals.
    I am ready to help with an application. Our vet has excellent physical health considering he is 97. However, he has dementia and the physician will note this on the 2680. I had thought that because of the fact that our vet wanders and therefore has been placed in a locked unit that the VA approval of A and A would be a slam dunk. But, a knowledgable VA staff member wrote on this Forum some time ago that "... VA does not consider emergency pull cords, 24-hour staffing, and locked exterior doors as a medical or nursing service..."

    So, now I'm not so sure that we have a qualifying facility. This is expensive, private care, so the countable income is not an issue....the vet's income is far less than the cost of the facility. Yet this particular ALF does not offer medical care as a regular part of their services. If someone has a medical concern, they go away to get it corrected, and then come back to the ALF when they are recovered. Is the VA likely to consider the dementia the most important condition and come through with an award?
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    In order to best answer this concern, what type of ALF is he in? Something does not seem quite right here, if there is not a nurse on staff at all times.
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    This ALF stresses "wellness" rather than nursing. From their web site: "...Some residents require little or no daily support; others may need help with tasks such as bathing, dressing or monitoring and managing medications. Each wellness plan is updated regularly to provide more or less support, depending on the resident’s changing needs. Private accommodations are also available on the premises for visits from professional healthcare providers, including podiatrists..."

    Our vet is in the memory unit. The web site:
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    This facility should have nurses on staff and be overseeing any of his medication dosing given the dementia.

    I don't see a problem with this facility providing he has access to assistance to dressing, bathing etc.

    If he is using any of the add-on services, those would have to be ongoing to claim as an expense.

    The facility would have to complete a Statement of Occupancy that will list his monthly rate and services provided to him.
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    Thanks for your reply! Makes sense.
    I have never seen a separate VA form for Certificate of Occupancy. I have given this facility the FV-13 and asked for paid in full receipts, and given his physician the 2680.
    I thought of using the "Care Provider Certification of Services" but this form has a blank for the doctor's signature, and the ALF has no on-staff physician, so I'm guessing it does not apply in this case.

    One thing that confuses me about the FV-13: this seems to be an important form, yet I have hardly ever seen this discussed or recommended on this Forum. Is it because the FV-13 is a relatively new form? I note at the bottom of the form "...SVSA Form FV13, Jan 2015..."
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    We have not dealt with this form. If the VA is requiring it, then complete and include. The facility should have the Statement of Occupancy, it's not a VA form. To err on the side of caution, have them complete to include as well.
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    OK. Thank you Debbie for all your efforts.
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    You are most welcome!

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