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    Great news!!! I just received a letter from VA regarding my father n laws A&A being increased. (WWII VET):-*

    Also along with the letter, I received forms that stated: "Under liberalizing law, my father-n-law may be entitled to VA Pension from April 23, 2009 to April 23, 2010. VA form 21-0516 - Improved Pension Eligibility Verification Report and Medical expense report VA Form 21-8416.

    My initial claim was awarded for May 2010 and forward...

    What does this mean? I hope someone can help me and explain what this means.

    All of this happen as a result of me sending a letter to my senator and an inquiry was sent to VA from the senator regarding my father-n-laws's claim.

    PLEASE NOTE: I have not been interviewed by the fiduciary. I need help understanding the "Liberalizing Law."
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    First, great news and congratulations!

    Even better news is that based on the application, it appears that he would have qualified for the previous 12 months. If his Dr says that he needed assistance for the 12 months prior, and his finances were about the same, you have a good shot at getting an additional 12 months of pension that will go into the accrued amount, which won't be released until the Fiduciary process is completed.
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    Thank you. I will get those papers filled out.

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