VA Has Not Recognized Alzheimer's Diagnosis

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    My father has been in a secure alzheimer's unit in a skilled nursing facility since 1/2009. In June of 2009 he was awarded the A&A benefit and the VA began sending his monthly check directly to the Nursing Home which has applied each check directly to offset the cost of his monthly NH expenses. However, the VA apparently ignored the medical information that accompanied his original claim from the facility's medical director which clearly referenced his dementia and the fact he resides in a secure Alzheimer's unit. They never questioned his mental capability.

    After the end of 2009, I completed the EVR on his behalf, at which point he could still sign his name with an "X". Now, his condition has deteriorated so severly, he can no long understand simple sentences, nor even speak in simple sentences. It would be impossible to get him to even make an "X."

    Should I sign the EVR for 2010 (I do have a Durable Power of Attorney which I understand the VA doesn not recognize) and explain that his disease has progressed to the point that he can no longer sign his name, even with a mark?

    Thank you for any guidance,
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    Hold his hand for an X, do it yourself…Write a letter to the VA stating that he can no longer sign, include a letter from the doctor and ask to be appointed fiduciary.
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    Thank you so much for your help. This website and the service you provide are such a beacon of light in the bureaucratic swamp that veterans and their families have to navigate.
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    Thank you...and you're welcome.

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