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    My husband was finally approved for A and A Sept 2009 and first check was retro to 2006. We received a letter last month stating we didn't report certain income and therefore he didn't qualify for the year 2009 and unless we can show proof basically we'll have to pay back what he received. The income in question was from our 2009 income tax return. He received a disability pension from where he worked and was responsible for paying taxes on 50% of it (the portion his employer paid for) the other income was for myself that I received for him for bladder and bowel care which was not to be counted as income although I was sent a 1099 and responsible for taxes. I have always reported both incomes and even have a statement from VA that the bladder and bowel income was not counted as family income. In fact the disability income was reported twice the amount they are questioning. I just sent back copies of all reported incomes every year and an explanation as to why he wasn't overpaid from VA. I hope this is the end to the questioning. IMPORTANT... keep copies of everything.

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