va beneifts-or lack thereof....HELP

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    My father-in-law died in 2006. My mother-in-law was able to stay home until February 2009. She had a fall and now is in a nursing home in a wheel chair. We have files for VA Spousal assistance since that time. We have send in numerous filings, they keep sending it back saying that it is not complete. We went to our local VA Center and they helped us fill it out and it was still sent back. I am loosing my patience and do not know what to do. She can not get medicaid at this time and we are running out of money. Please, someone tell me what I can do! ???
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    You can't do anything except go into debt while you are waiting for the VA to do their job. That was my experience anyway. My father never got the benifit of what he deserved to receive, I sold off my stock portfolio (which was not huge), took out a loan on my property, ran up my credit cards to keep his caregivers in my home- now I'm 59 and out of a job. I've sold off everything I have to sell. My father finally died at 95 and I'm still waiting for the VA. They really don't care what you have to do to take care of your loved one - as long as they don't have to do their jobs.

    I am very broke now and very angry at the entire system! It's terrible!
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    We are sorry for you loss, and totally understand your anger and frustrations.

    What status was the claim in at the time your dad passed? Have you considered filing VA for 21-601 if there were accurred benefits?

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