VA A&A & Countable Income for Texas Medicaid CBA Waiver ALF

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by suse, Feb 21, 2014.

  1. suse

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    Can anyone tell me if the VA A&A pension is countable income or non-countable income in eligibility for Texas Medicaid CBA Waiver Program. My husband is in an ALF in Texas & while the A&A pension has been a huge financial help, what we are paying out of pocket would be less with Medicaid. I am so in need of more knowledge so I am prepared when we finally reach the top of the "interest list" ( guess it sounds better than waiting list). There is a veteran at the same facility as my husband who is receiving the full A&A pension & is also on the Medicaid CBA Waiver Program. Everywhere I look there is so much conflicting information I am concerned that I won't have the correct information when I do meet with a case manager for Medicaid. HELP!!!

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    I sent you a private message with some more details.
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    I am also in need of this information. My mother receives A & A full award plus her social security check=Total 2700.00 She is a resident on a dementia unit at an ALF in Connecticut. As of this January all her assets have been depleted and she is short $ 3000.00 per month for her care on the dementia unit I have had her on the wast list for the " pilot private assisted living program" in Ct since last March. Her slot is now available and I have an interview w/ my mother and state social worker next Wednesday. I am concerned that since this is a Medicaid waiver program will her veteran award be considered income or will be be decreased if she gets the waiver program award. I understand the max amount in Ct is $ 2,200 per month. She will still need help with paying the full $ 5900.00 @ ALF even if she gets the award and her Vet A & A stays intact. Family will need to come up with the $ 800 but that might be more feasible than $ 3000.00 Any advise greatly appreciated. I am trying to be informed before going to the meeting.

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