Two more questions before filing my application, please

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by chicklewis, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. chicklewis

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    Hi, friendly and helpful forum members, thanks for your replies to my previous questions.

    I have two more to which I would appreciate thoughtful replies:

    1) From Southern California, where should I send my application so that it goes directly to the facility which will evaluate it? The various help sites have half a dozen local addresses which say I can send it there or there or there, but I really don't want it to pass through any other hands, risking loss or delay. I'd like to send it directly to its 'final' destination. (And I will send it registerd, signature required.)

    2) I have prepared a synopsis type cover letter for the application, as well as a table of contents (list of documents and attachments), telling where each document can be found, with my page numbers for the whole application. Are these good ideas, or might they just risk confusion and delay, being 'extra' material?

    Thanks in advance for any additional guidance.

    Chick Lewis
  2. kg0721

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    I would suggest you take all your paperwork to the local courthouse. They should have a Veteran Services office at the Courthouse. They should be able to file all the paperwork there for you. That would be the best . That is what I did for my Dad. The were very helpful. My Dad filed in late July and received his reward letter in November. Best of Luck.
  3. chicklewis

    chicklewis Newbie

    Thanks for your inputk, kgo721, but the courthouse, while it is a reasonable option, is definitely not the place where the application will be examined and adjucated. That's the location I'm trying to determine, to deliver the application directly to the final location.

  4. Patty

    Patty Newbie

    Hi Chick,
    I think you should look up a Regional Office on the web site for your state - California may have more than one. Although it seems like they are or are in the process of designating sites to handle several states, I am of the opinion (its just mine) that you should begin filing in the applicants home state unless there is some reason not to. Why? So if you need to involve a Senator, you can start them in their home state.
    I believe that synopsis should be on the VA's standard cover letter form - the Statement in Support of Claim - but that is just my opinion. I think of the VA as an agency just like the IRS, if they have a form for it, you should use it.

    Good Luck,
  5. chicklewis

    chicklewis Newbie

    Great advice, Patty.

    As well as a standard cover letter, I've already got the cover letter info reproduced in the statement section of the application form, so we think alike.

    Is there a separate form called "Statement in support of claim" ? If so, where can I find it?

  6. aldebaron

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    does anyone know if aid and attendance is available for a disabled daughter of a vietnam vetern that was killed in the vietnam war...she has been disabled since birth and now needs 24/7 care as her mother can no longer care for her....
  7. chicklewis

    chicklewis Newbie

    Seems I was mistaken. Above I was talking about the 'remarks' section, so now I need to find the form "Statement in Support of Claim". Thanks again, Betty.

  8. chicklewis

    chicklewis Newbie

    Aldebaron, you should ask your question again as a new post in the main discussion forum. It will be lost here under my thread.

  9. chicklewis

    chicklewis Newbie

    Found the form:

  10. Patty

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    Yes Chick,
    That is the form - you should always use that as the cover letter, every time you write anything to them as you want it considered as a "Statement in Support of Claim".

    Good Luck,
  11. SCD

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    Just logged it.....I too had to file in Southern CA....and you're right there is more than one. My Dad's VA social worker, he is a patient of the VA GEM client (Geriatric Evaluation Management), supposedly helped us by sending his doctors forms, and had told us that this was "everything taken care of" to the LA regional office. Six months later, and as I had repeatedly asked about its progress, found out that it was sent to the wrong one (his is the San Diego regional office) where it never returned from :( , and not in the least bit "complete".
    After finding this forum (thank you!!!!!) I have since NEVER taken anyones word for it, I follow up, and repeatedly call to verify. The social worker had stated, after that incident that she really didn't know anything about the A&A program and that it sounded like I knew more then she did...remember she is a VA employee working with the elderly??????
    So find out for sure which is your regional a number of times to check, they don't always give the same or correct answer.
    I also gave a very detailed claim, cover page, everything labeled, numbered and referenced...way more then they asked for....but his claim did go thru quickly AFTER the right people got it..of course then we had the fiduciary problem and did end up contacting his congressman, which really helped...anyway he now is getting his benefits and it was worth the effort!

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