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    Okay, so we're ready to apply for widow's pension with Aid & Attendance. I know I need the main form of 21-534 to file. I also need form 21-0779 "request for nursing home information" there a separate one for Assisted Living or do I just cross out (or do anything) the wording of "nursing home" on that form? I know there is a form for the doctor to fill out, too.......anyone know the code number for this form? Is this the only form the VA accepts, or is there another type?

    Those three forms, in addition to copies of the veteran's discharge papers, marriage certificate, and death certificate, are all one needs to file with the VA?

    Is there anything extra you can send to "help" things along (or prevent snags) like copies of bank statements, etc., to support the information provided in the income/expense part of the form? I guess I'm thinking that if you provide all that, then it would save them (VA) the time in obtaining the information themselves???

    Thank you!!!!
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    It is also helpful to have a 21-22 (power of appointment) wherein the veteran either names you as the POA or a veteran service organization to discuss with the VA the status of the claim. You will also need a 21-8416 (Medical Expense Report) where you will list the projected medical expenses for the next 12 months (at the end of the form you want to write "with prospective meds." so they don't automatically terminate benefits at the one year mark). If the claimant is moving into assisted living and not a nursing home, then all you need is a letter on letterhead that states the monthly cost for "supervision, medicine assistance, and care". You do not want a letter that says "rent." You should not need the 21-0779 unless the claimant is going on Medicaid. If the claimant has high costs not associated with medical expenses, then a 21-8049 (non-medical expense form) can be helpful as well. Lastly, you should submit a 21-4142 (release of medical information).

    With regard to personal papers, I always submit the most current bank statements, all writen income verification (i.e. S.S. award letter, pension statements, etc.), health care premium verification, a year's worth of prescription costs, etc. You want to provide them with anything you have that shows the assets, income, and medical expenses.

    Lastly, it can help the process go faster if you "take the original DD-214, marriage certificate, death certificate" to the VA and have them certify a copy that they then keep. If you only submit a copy, then they will have to take time to verify the information is correct. Do not ever leave the originals with the VA unless you don't want to get them back.

    I hope this helps.
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    Thank you, Victoria! That's wonderful help. I already feel more comfortable about filing. I just don't want to mess it up; she needs the funds.

    Thanks again,

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