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    I want to personally thank Debbie for her tireless effort and dedication on behalf of Veterans and and their surviving spouses and assure you that if you are applying for A&A that this site is the very best source of information that you can find anywhere on the internet.

    I found this site in early 2007 and used the step by step instructions to help my Mom apply. After obtaining all the necessary and suggested documents we filed the first week of May and received acceptance in mid July .. The same year!!! A little over two months.. And we did it by mail... but that was not by choice..

    As Debbie said on her original homepage the VA representative would probably not be familiar with A&A and that was true. I drove the 35 miles to the local VA office and was told that none of the paperwork that I had was needed to apply. There was only a single page form that was required..ha..Don't we all wish...Anyway to make along story short I took a leap of faith and sent all the forms and documents by registered mail to the Pension Management Center in St. Paul, Minn(we live in California) Maybe we were lucky but there have been no problems.. all my copies of birth, death and marriages certificates were returned in a timely manner and the checks started to arrive.

    It has been 3 years and the program is no longer a hidden Veteran benefit so I hope the VA people are a lot more knowledgeable about the benefits. My one suggestion to those of you applying is....RESPOND TO EVERY QUESTION..FILL IN EVERY BLANK.....N/A IN ALL THAT DO NOT APPLY..on all the forms and keep checking back like I am now for new info and updates........Thanks again Debbie.. You made a big difference in my Mom's life..
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    Thank you for making this posting, and letting me know my efforts made a difference for you and your mom.

    While the pension has become better known due to our efforts, it is a long way from being common knowledge they way Social Security, Medicare etc is.

    I was contacted by a gentleman yesterday who has been providing all the care for his bed ridden mother for the past 5 years, and only learned of this pension this past weekend.

    Please continue to share with those you know who also may be able to benefit as your mom has.

    With heartfelt gratitude for your comments, I thank you.


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