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    After waiting a year, my 67 year old husbands A & A was approved. He lived in an assisted living facility. He passed away 6 days after receipt of the approval letter. Am I entitled to the accrued unpaid benefits that were to be retroactive for the year? I am not applying for survivor benefits as my income would be more than the benefit amount.
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    Our condolences on the loss of your husband.

    Unless there is a family member other than yourself who paid expenses on his behalf, there really is no way to go after the funds that were not paid out.

    Wish I had better news for you.
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    this is incorrect. accrued benefits can be paid based on relationship. being the spouse of the veteran she would be entitled to 100% of the accrued benefits regardless of last expenses.
  4. PattyW

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    I'm not sure why you told me that I am entitled to none of the accrued benefits???????????? What's the point of the form for spouses to apply for accrued unpaid benefits then?
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    I need to amend my response to you, and offer you an apology for not expanding on my reply.

    As the surviving spouse, you can indeed file for the accrued amounts that were not paid. You would use VA form 21-601.

    We don't often deal with a situation such as yours, as it is usually adult children who were not dependent upon the veteran who are looking to to recoup the accrued monies.

    I have been overwhelmed with efforts to raise awareness of the VA's current attempts to impose a 3-year look-back on this pension, and honestly it did not register when I read your post and responded.

    If I have caused you any distress, I am truly sorry for that.

    You should file for the accrued, and my hope is that the VA will award.

    Again, my apologies and condolences.

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