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    Greetings All,

    Just a quick note to let everyone know that on Nov 10th we received notification that the application I submitted for my 90-year-old father this past July has been approved! That's less than four months from submission to approval!!! As per Debbie's suggestion I included a cover letter requesting that the application process be expedited due to my father's age. Evidently, the letter helped grease the skids.

    Sure enough, upon logging into his checking account I see that the first automatic deposit retroactive to August 1st was already sitting there. Hereafter he will be getting $1600/month. All this without any back and forth with the VA about paperwork issues, etc. This comes as a great surprise to me as I am generally cynical when it comes to bureaucratic entities such as the VA. That plus the fact that I find filling out forms of any sort to be a form of torture and I'm not particularly good at it.

    Thankfully, Debbie and this wonderful website helped me through the process, for which my father and I am eternally grateful. Thanks again, Debbie ! ! ! !

    May all your ventures in applying for this pension be as quick and trouble free as ours was. :D


    BTW: On a humorous note, my father was perplexed when he received the notification award from the VA. He assumed that they had turned down his application due to the many pages included which the award letter that described the appeal process. It was only after he mailed me the paperwork (I live out of state) that we learned he had indeed received his pension. Whew! I'm glad the paperwork is behind us, at least until it comes time for the annual review. . .

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