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    My husband's aunt was destined to residing in a nursing home since we were unable to provide round the clock care that she needed in our home. She only had a small savings and Social Security that fell shy of the cost of assisted living care. While we were filing for Medicaid, we found out about Aid and Attendance for surviving spouses. My research lead me to this website and with the information provided we decided to put her in an assisted living home and filed for the Aid and Attendance. I followed your instructions to a "T" in October 2012. I made sure to send documentation for everything and sent it directly to the main Veteran's office that applied to her. Throughout the year I received 3 letters from the Veterans stating that they were processing her claim and just as your website stated, just shy of a year, we received notification that she was eligible for the full amount of the monthly benefit. Our family can't say enough good things about this website. Thanks to it, my husband's aunt lives at a home where she feels safe, is able to help out with small chores and surrounded by pets she adores. All of these things are very important to her. Thanks again and any one else using this website should read it carefully because the advise is on the mark!
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    Thanks so much for sharing your success story with everyone here, and Congratulations and getting through the process.

    I am so glad to know that the site was helpful to you, and comments like yours keeps me fighting the good fight for those just beginning this journey.

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