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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JGK, Apr 3, 2011.

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    We submitted my Dad's paperwork on 2/9. We used a VA Service Officer in Seminole County, Florida and on March 27th my Dad was awarded the full benefit. We have yet to receive the official letter but he received Feb and March payments and then on April 1st he received April's payment. A couple of thoughts - I have to believe using the VA Service Officer expedited his case. I will be calling them tomorrow to share the great news but this was really fast from what I know. Also this site was great help and I was able to get a lot of ideas to make sure the package was correct the first time. The other item that might be worth sharing is the VA Case Officer entered a lot of data in on-line and them mailed it for us to a POC they had - She had deemed the case "complete: which might have resulted it in by passing the initial processing steps. We had to wait four weeks for an appointment but it was WELL worth the wait. Hope this helps and Thanks to all who contribute n this board.
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    Congratulations on getting the award, and so glad to hear that a VA SO was such a help. If you get the right person who knows this pension, it can make all the difference as it did in your case.

    Thanks for sharing with everyone!
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    JGK, how did you find the VA Case Officer? I've contacted our local office (the city I live in, a suburb of a major city) and they only deal with homeless vets and had no knowledge of the A&A program. Where should I try next?
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    We got lucky that the Assisted Living Facility my dad is in - recommended them. They were warning us to steer clear of processors who wanted compensation. I would think you could look at the local VA Office closest to you associated with County/State government and call them. We live in Oviedo, Florida so their information is:

    Veterans Services Office
    Dept of Community Services
    Division of Community Assistance
    Pension Benefit Program.

    You might be able to call them and get a referral to a site close to you - 407-665-2370. I think the key is finding someone who knows the program. Good luck!

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