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    I submitted the A&A application in July for my 88 year old mother who is in assisted living. I had read many of the posts on the forum so I tried to be as detail oriented as possible. I typed a cover letter addressing issues the physician did not include in his somewhat non detailed statement and explaining why the spelling of my mother's maiden name changed from document to document. I essentially tried to anticipate anything that might raise a red flag. My dad had his discharge papers recorded in his home county when he returned from the war and those records now belong to the local genealogical society. I took a chance and obtained a copy from there figuring it had enough different county and VA annotations on it to be seen as "official". It also saved the time it would have taken to get a copy from St Louis. I tabbed all the documents and put the entire package in a report cover. The package was received at Milwaukee on 16 Jul 09. I called a couple of months later to see if progress was being made and was informed the package had been received and they work them in order of receipt. I heard nothing else until 17 Dec when I received a letter from the VA dated 10 Dec. It stated they had received the request for A&A, which included the form naming me as the representative, but had not received a signed statement that I was providing this service at no charge. They provided a sample statement which needed to be signed by both my mother and me. I took this to mean that they were finally processing the request but had no idea how long this might go on. On the 19th I took the letter to my mom for her signature and discovered in her mail a letter from the VA (also dated 10 Dec) approving her application for A&A effective 16 Jul. I was so thrilled that it was approved without having to go back and forth submitting additional information (even if it did take 5 months) that I about did handsprings! The statement they requested went in the mail today...

    A huge thank you to all of you angels who posted your experiences and advice. I'm sure the framework you provided made all the difference!!
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    What awesome news for you, and just in time to make Christmas even more wonderful.

    We are glad to know that the site and forums were beneficial to you in the process and appreciate you coming back sharing your story with us.

    Happy New Year!

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