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    Thank you so much for your website it helped get me through the process. I filed in April and in less than 3 months we were notified and received benefits. By the end of June my dad received his checks. It was a team effort and was difficult but we did it. I did not mail the completed information to a local VA but to one in Philadelphia. I also have the # of a organization that helped me to know how much my father could have in assets before we completed the application. They never even came to interview my dad. It will help my dad to live a nice life and continue to keep his aide of several years. He definitely deserves it If anyone needs any info from us feel free to email
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    More than just being happy for you and your dad, I wish even more that this was the case for everyone making application for their loved one.

    This pension is straight forward, and you either qualify or don't. For those who fight this battle for a year or longer, it is hard to understand how one application can be processed so quickly while others languish in the VA pile of those that didn't get processed or approved today.

    We are glad that you found the resources here helpful, and thank you for coming back to share your experience.

    Maybe tomorrow will be the day for someone else to have your story.

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