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    I just left my Father at the nursing home after showing him the award letter which we received today which is a day before D Day and the 70th Anniversary of the landing which he took part in. We were both crying. He has always been so proud of serving his country and to receive his award of $2085.00 per month he is elated. He asked me "Do I receive this for the rest of my life?" I just busted out laughing since he is 91 years old. Debbie I can't thank you enough for this site. I studied this site for over a year, read every single post which enabled me to file a perfect application with no mistakes or left out info. The Milwaukee claim center processed this app in 42 days. I have to believe that a majority of claims that go on for months and months are because of incomplete applications. I am an Attorney and there were times when I was confused but by taking my time and not giving up I got through because of the info on this site. Thanks Debbie I will be sending a contribution for your help.

    My last question is that the claim center sent me forms for additional benefits under liberalizing law which they say my Dad maybe entitled to VA Pension from April 23, 2013 till April 24,2014 (the date I filed aid and attendance claim). Does this mean he maybe entitled $2,085.00 per month for the 12 months before I filed original claim? On the form they sent me there are two boxes to check. One says Non-service connected pension only and the second box says non-service connected pension and special monthly pension. Which one should I check? In my award letter they stated that I did not receive special monthly pension for spouse.
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    How perfect that on just before D-Day this news would arrive. I know this had to be a very emotional moment for both of you, and I am glad to have had a small part in it all coming together.

    That was and has been my mission for the past 9 years now in being able to change the ending for others to what is should be. Every success story means so much to me, and thank you for sharing yours, and for your support of my work here at

    Regarding the liberalizing law, yes, it means he would be eligible for the previous 12 months and at the same rate, if his expenses were pretty much the same. Non-service connected pension and special monthly pension.

    Congratulations and I wish you and your Dad the very best!

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