SUCCESS!! Even better than we hoped!

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    I finally got the decision letter. It was better news than we could have ever hoped for.

    My Dad was the vet. When he was dx with cancer at age 87, I filled out an VA 21-526 for him and the VA received it on 3/29/12. I sent in the 21-2680 for Dad and the VA received it on 4/27/12. Dad passed on 4/29/12.

    I filed an informal notice of claim for Mom at the end of January of 2013. Then I filed the 21-534EZ and 21-2680 for Mom and it was received by the VA on 3/28/13. The application was received and processed by the Milwaukee Pension Benefit Center.

    On 10/1/13, my Mom got a deposit of $398 in her checking account from the VA. I couldn't figure out what this was since Mom clearly qualifies for the max pension amount ($1087/mo). Well, it was Dad's pension for the month of April 2012. Mom will get her October deposit of $1087 on 11/1/13 and all of the retroactive payments, back to April 2012, will be released to her fiduciary once that person is approved. We will not contest the finding of incompetency and I should qualify as her fiduciary (am her daughter, am an attorney, never convicted of a crime, never filed bankruptcy, have been handling her finances since Dad fell ill). It will be over $10K. Thank you, everyone, for all of your help! It's a miracle!!
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    Love hearing success stories, and folks here who are still waiting are encouraged to know the process works, and it is worth the time and the fight.

    Thanks for sharing, and I hope we helped and shared in your journey!

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