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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dianne Aldridge, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Two Questions:
    1) I found my father's origianl discharge papers from 1946 (WD AGO Form 53-55), but they are in a very delicate condition. Can I scan them for submission to the VA? I would like to keep the original for posterity!

    2) Do I have to send in actual bank statements proving Dad's income or can I just send in copies of his SS and survivor benefits checks (or with SS, the award letter)?
  2. vetadmin

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    Get a certified copy of the WD AGO, and keep the original.

    It is recommended that you include a copy of the most recent bank statement.
  3. I just filled out the online form at to receive a certified copy of the WD AGO and the fine print states to allow up to 90 days to process the request before checking on status! I think I may just go ahead and send in the original...
  4. Caroliso

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    Dianne, I got a response from them in three weeks. I did ask for expedited processing given my Dad's advanced age and health condition.

    I don't know the rest of your situation, but did you file an Intent to File letter that starts the clock ticking for an eventual award? If you did that and aren't in a cash flow crunch situation it might be worth waiting a bit, if the alternative is to give up your valuable (to you) originals.
  5. Thanks for the information. No, I have not filed a letter of intent. Is that the same thing as a Statement in Support of Claim? I'm ready to send that in. Dad has about 10 months of cash, then we'll be in a bind. I just put his house on the market.

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