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    I'm beginning to believe my nearly 86yr old mother. That this is a "joke" / she will never receive a dime.

    You can look back at my old posts for the story. The only update I have is more waiting. Submitted updated financial info for her several months ago. ( 4 or 5 months ago) Called a month ago to the County Service Officer. They ran the claim down in the VA.. where / city / state / etc.. it's being processed I don't know.. They said they had it.. and we would just have to wait for a decision.

    My mom will soon be 86. We anticipate that she will need to be placed on MediCAID some time next yr.
    Her money will be gone. We will be dependent on the facility she lives in ( a Methodist Memorial Home) to use a combo of her SS and benevolent funds to care for her.

    IF the VA had come through as they should have this past spring, and awarded her the benefits with pay back to last fall .. ( they approved her claim.. just not the payments)... her monies could have been extended for a few more months with no problems.

    IF she gets any thing now at all.. it's going to be the 90 $ instead of 50 $ a month when she's on Medicaid. .

    The VA and it's treatment of vets and their spouses and family is beyond belief.
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    We too are waiting over a year. My step dad was approved for A&A benefits in May 08. They claim they will release the funds but to date they have made no effort to schedule an interview with my mother or my step dad to resolve this fiduciary issue. I have been in contact with Senator Kyls' office in AZ, and they have sent a number of requests to the Phoenix office. What a deplorable situation.
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    I also have applied for my mother's A&A back on May '08. The latest episode of form tags was the one that specifies that since I am the representitive for my mother in these A&A matter's, that I shall not be compensated for my efforts. God only knows what the next form or request will be. Sure would be nice to find ex-VA workers that have spent time in the approval areas for such benefits to find out why the process takes so long. With the deficit the way it is and where it will be, we can expect huge delays and denials. God bless the USA! ::)

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