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    Hello all. I started this process on February 20th and haven't gotten very far. I have lurked the threads and even commented, but now I think I need to put all my thoughts in one place. I hope it is okay to start a new thread.

    I spoke to a consulting firm which would gladly help me do all this for $900. I have decided to do this myself, with help from this Forum. I know dad qualifies for Aid and Attendance. I have obtained his official discharge/enlistment paper. I have contacted his local Veteran Service Office FOUR times with no success. I have been promised someone would call me back (twice) and it never happens. Dad was very active in the American Legion (County Commander, Post Commander etc.)...I wish they could help me in some way.

    Background...Dad is almost 89. Fell and broke his hip on February 12th. He is currently in a rehab facility in NJ. I am his POA and eldest of three living children. I live in KY. He is supposed to be released tomorrow. He was assessed for assisted living on Friday, and was told he cannot go there as he needs more care than they can give. They have suggested he go home with 24/7 care or a nursing home. My sister (next in line) is in NJ today meeting with his care team at the rehab center to sort this all out. None of us live close. His income is extremely limited. My heart is breaking.

    ANYWAY....I am so confused at which papers to start with. I thought first, I need to complete the 21-0966 (Intent to file). Then the 21-0845 (Disclose to a Third Party). And also the 21-22 (Appointment as a Claimant's Representative) Is this the right process??? What am I missing? Thank you in advance.

    PS We toured the VA home in Menlo Park NJ last year with dad. He was impressed, but that whole process has been crazy too. That's another story. If I could get his doctor to fully complete the medical papers that I hand delivered to them on February 14th, I would rejoice. I know though, even then, he goes on a very long waiting list.
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    Hello Lori and welcome to the VeteranAid forums!

    I am so glad you decided not to go with the consulting firm. They shouldn't be charging for help with the A&A application anyways.

    I am sorry to hear about your dad falling and breaking his hip and the difficult situation your family has been put into.

    Yes, I would suggest the Intent to File to start to get his application date started so that when he is owed the retroactive payments they will go back to that established date. If you want to be able to update info and hear about status updates on the application you will need to include the Third Party form as well. The 21-22 is not necessary and will only be used if you want to utilize a VSO to be the representative for the claim. Just note that if you were to use this form and go this route that it would only be the VSO that would be able to receive status updates and call in to the VA on behalf of your father to check on status. You would no longer be the primary third party representative.

    From there I would suggest following our instructions on our How to Apply page on!
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    I am new to this process also. This is the first time I have read anything about an Intent to file form. Can you tell me where I can find this format? Thank you
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    Hello Lenore and welcome,
    The Intent to File form is VA -21-0966.

    The purpose of the Intent to File form is to give you the earliest possible effective date in the event you are approved for benefits. Benefits will be paid retroactively to the date you sent in the Intent to File; otherwise, they will be paid retroactively to the date you sent in the full application. If you are ready to send in the full application soon, then you can skip the Intent to File, but if you think it's going to take you a bit longer to pull everything together, I would file it ASAP. You have 1 year to file the full application after sending in the Intent to File.

    Good luck and let us know if you have other questions!

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