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  1. My husband is 65 years old and is 100% disabled through the VA and gets a va disability check monthly. We have applied for aid and attendance but I am wondering something. I see things on here about countable income, is his disability check from the VA considered countable income?? Theres so much I don't understand but I am trying to learn all I can to be able to help him. Thank you in advance for any and all advice!
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    Look on the A&A FAQ section of the home page. It says you cannot draw both VA disability and A&A; VA will pay the higher of the two. This FAQ gives specifics on what to do in your circumstance.
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    This is true in most cases. There is a special case where if the veteran is receiving compensation for being 100% service-connected disabled then the veteran can then receive both the A&A and the compensation. But only if the rating is 100%

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