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    Hi to all of you...I am so glad to find out that my mom and I are not the only ones with SNAFU issues with A and A...we have sent and resent some forms and my mom waited on the phone for an hour the other day to speak to some one who knew nothing....she has been working on this since last January and it is nearly the next January...she does not need someone to handle her affairs and it is disconcerting for her to be receiving form letters and form responses...she is however concerned about her financial situation if the delay goes on ....she lives in a Holiday House facility and they have been allowing her to pay a reduced rate now since January last...she fears any day they may say enough is enough..we have returned every thing they have asked for...I emailed through the ebenefits portal to the VAA with her concerns and they said we would receive a response in 5 business days...that was on Sept is Sept 29....our VA rep, Tom Hanson said that it would be 6 to 9 months we are now approaching 10 would not be so bad if we would get some info...the form letters only tell you to be patient...if she had not called them on the last request for forms we would not have known it was needed until Oct....the reason we had to resend the form was that the VA rep missed a signature on it...we are not upset with him just that how could it take from Jan to Aug to see the missing signature...give me a break..we are trusting the Lord that all is now processing as all the confirmation we have is the Mr. Crumb in PA signed for the mailed form that we sent overnight to them..thanks for letting me get this off my chest....
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    Well, you most likely better find a lot more patience..My Husband has been waiting since July 27, 2011. I didn't think the Holiday properties were even available for A & A Payments..I urge you to read everything on this site you can find and VA rep who has YOUR mother's best interest at heart..The AMVET rep that we had screwed the whole process up and never submitted our expenses. Had it not been for this site we would not be as far along as we are now. Not sure my husband will even live long enough to get the benefits..It is a very long "hurry and wait " procedure..Debbie and some of the folks on this site provide valuable information that you will never be told anywhere else. Good Luck and I do hope things work out for your mother.
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    Stonewick is correct in that most Holiday properties do not qualify as they do not provide assistance with daily living. Their staff are not even allowed to help a resident up if they fall. They are instructed to call "911" If a resident is choking, they cannot touch the resident, again call "911".

    With the recent Senate investigation into Pension Poachers and the exploitation of this pension by "independent" and "retirement" properites, you may very well be facing some challenges you had not anticipated.

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