Should I apply on my own?

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    and reject the help of my local vet affairs? I have all the documents except the caregiver statement.

    why? I'm not elderly... I'm 34 with a brain disorder liKe parkinsOns.

    the va sent me mail (after getting my intent to file). They asked for the VA 21-526EZ. I filled it out. Should I just fax it in in?

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  2. leo libby

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    You don't necessarily need to "reject" your local VSO's help. We simply provide all the information you need to apply for yourself here on because there are so many companies (like elder law attorneys and financial advisors) who try to take advantage of a veteran or spouse applying for the benefit by charging them a fee for their assistance. Which is wrong. No one should be charged for needing help with the A&A application.
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    I SEE
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