Senior Independent Living and Aid & Attendance

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    My deceased father was a WWII veteran. My mother recently had a stroke and cannot prepare her meals, drive, or manage her medicine. She cannot afford to pay for assisted living. We have found a senior independent living facility where they provide 3 meals a day, transportation, and housekeeping that she can afford with her social security but will have to go into her savings for medicines, toiletries, etc. I have talked to two companies that assist with applying for Aid and Attendance. One says she would not qualify because she has $30k in the bank and is not in assisted living. The second says they can definitely help get some A&A benefits because the senior independent living facility does provide assistance. We would have to pay the company for this service. The local VA office says she would not qualify because she is not living at an assisted living facility. It is impossible to decide what to pursue...either pay for help and hope they are correct about getting some assistance or making her blow through her savings and then apply. Is there any chance in getting A&A benefits if she lives at a senior independent living facility?
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    You really do not want to go the Senior Independent route. Odds are not in her favor of getting that property approved as they do not oversee her activites. They will not dose her meds, assist to dinning room, help her shower or dress.

    What is the name of the property you are looking at?

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