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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dcgrosie, Aug 10, 2015.

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    I'm gathering my papers just in case and will spend the day on this tomorrow, but let's see if I can get anyone's attention here to help me again.

    Our application date was October 2013. Called and called and called, VA said they were in 'the process' of reviewing. My mother passed the following Spring. So I redid all of the paper work to apply for the back benefits. Waited, waited, waited, they finally sent us a denial letter. There should have been 7 months of back benefits. At that point I threw my hands up and gave up. Just tired of all the red tape, but thought before the deadline I would look at this one last time.

    Is there anyone with experience with filing an appeal to a denial? I will check back tomorrow morning and stay signed on all day and will have all of my paperwork in front of me.
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    When you file the 21-601, you or another family member has to have proof that you paid out of your personal account care expenses for your Mom to include final arrangements. You don't clarify if you were simply filing for her accrued or for reimbursement.

    If you did not pay any care expenses for her, then there would not be an avenue to explore here.
  3. dcgrosie

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    She lived with me and I paid all of her living expenses, mtg., insurance, utilities. Her sitter care came out of her annuity which would have been depleted in June of 2014 and she died in April of 2014. That was the reason for applying in October 2013. As of May I would have had to retire if this assistance hadn't come through. It would have taken her social security and this assistance to pay for her sitter while I worked to pay for everything else. So I guess I have no leg to stand on????
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    Sadly, utilities, mortgage, living expenses would not qualify, and based on this information, you do not have standing to file against those unpaid funds.

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