Retroactive Payment Finally Received!!!

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    For those of you who are asking how long this process will take, my Mother's application was submitted on 28MAY2010 and her retroactive payment has finally shown up in her account today, 18OCT2011. There were no requests for additional information and no problems with the approval process, except for appointing me as the fudiciary. This is just the amount of time that it has taken the VA to complete the process. I cannot begin to tell you what an ordeal and strain this has been, and so totally unnecessary. Thank God it is over! Good luck to all of you who are waiting.
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    How long from when the pension was awarded did it take to recieve the retroactive payments? My dad's claim was approved on July 31st. He was rated incompetent on September 26th. My mom has requested to be appointed fiduciary. She asked the fiduciary process be expedited because of financial hardship. Thanks.
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    The pension was awarded in June 2011 (one year after submitting the package). I received a phone call from a fudiciary representative in July to set up a meeting. We completed the necessary paperwork and she told me during the meeting that if Mother needed to apply for Medicaid, or whatever she needed, that she could help me with that also. She also gave me the names of some VA representatives in the area that could help me “with anything that Mother needs-- they are there to help". I found out this was not true when I called to ask about the payments and also about possibly applying for Medicaid and they said they could not help with any of that. I filled out all of the necessary paperwork, set up a “special” account at Mother’s bank for the lump sum and monthly payments, and sent the bank information by UPS to the VA. I heard nothing else from the VA, although the monthly checks had started arriving, but I could not get through to speak to anyone to inquire about the retroactive payment. Finally, a friend told me that she had to write to our Senator's office for assistance. On 03OCT11, I contacted the Senator's office, submitted a form they requested, and lo and behold, yesterday (18OCT11) the retroactive funds had been deposited. I hope you will not have to wait as long. (My Mother is 96 years old.)
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    congratulations, and so glad you have finally reached the end of the process!
    Keep in mind to keep a good accounting of all expenses, so when you have to do the EVR you will have everything on hand to complete and get back to the VA in the alloted time.
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    congratulations grammy
    we are still in the fiduciary stage. it hasnt been long. just waiting to be contacted about meeting with the field examiner. how long did it take u to get your meeting with the va representative? i was told it could take months. again....congratulations.

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