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    I am new here with a question. I am currently classified as 100% disabled due to prostate cancer. I had radiation treatments September & October of 2015. I received a letter from the VA informing me of an upcoming , May 27,2016, interview with a non-VA, non-government entity about my current VA status. If anyone on here has had a similar experience I would like to know what to expect during this interview and a likely outcome. (p.s. do not share my posts on social media sites)
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    Given that your rating is due to "compensation" and not "pension", we are not sure why the VA would have a non-government entity request a meeting and interview.

    Our focus here is on "pension", which has different guidelines and does not have the same requirements for service-connected compensation.

    I'm sorry that we are not the best resource for you on this topic, but we do Thank you for your service to our country.
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    Thank you for your reply. Is there another section of the forum that I could re-post my question? I was in hopes that someone who had a similar experience would see the post and provide their experience to me as a guide. Thank you very much.

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