Questions About Family Member as Paid Caretaker

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    I know there's a lot more involved than what I'm typing here like (trying to keep this short). I numbered and underlined my actual questions.

    My mother (the wife of a still-living vet) is housebound and unable to perform most functions (and my Dad can't assist).

    I live two states away from my parents. My siblings aren't helping. I am considering quitting my job and moving back home to take care of my parents. I think I read somewhere they can hire ANY caretaker (trained or not) as long as it's not a spouse. Yes, so they can pay you to act as their caregiver.

    1) They would have to already been "paying" me first before we could apply for benefits, correct? I mean, they would have to show that there's more money going out than coming in, correct?
    Yes. Have to be able to show a financial need for the pension.

    2) The admin on this wonderful site previously said my Dad would most likely file as "Veteran with disabled spouse" but is that a separate form? I only see:
    Form 21-526 (Veteran)
    Form 21-534 (Surviving Spouse)
    NO. You would use VA form 21-527EZ. The VA has once again changed application forms. You can get it on our site.

    My Dad is a Korean War vet. My parents' combined yearly income is about $13k (if that) and they have less than $30k in the bank. All they own is a run down house and a run down truck. He's never even applied for basic benefits. :(

    3) If he applies for and qualifies for basic benefits, can he still apply for housebound (or veteran with disabled spouse) benefits? You would not be applying for Basic, and if along the way their needs change and expenses for care go up, you would notify the VA so they can recalculate and award according to their increase in costs and assistance.

    4) Do basic benefits count towards their countable income when applying for Housebound or Aid & Attendance? All finances count regardless of what level is being applied for.

    I feel weird about my parents paying me for something, but I don't know how else to make this work and we don't want either of them in a nursing home. I'm just trying to figure out what steps to take first.

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    Please see comments in red to your questions.

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