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    I am my mothers caretaker. She lives with me. My mother has Dementia and is 80 yrs old. She needs assistance with everything. My mother already receives Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) of $1067.00 monthly due to my fathers death after military retirement. Death was military related. She also receives $906.00 monthly from Social Security. She has no other assets. I was talking to a VA Counsler about another unrelated problem when he told me she might qualify for additional money through Aid and Attendance since my dad was in the military during Veitnam. He mailed me the Aid and Attendance form for her doctor to fill out. He didn't send any instructions or where to mail it back to or if anything else is required. Nothing.The doctor has filled out the form basically stating she needs help with everything and pretty much, she meets all the qualifications. My questions. What now? Am I going in the right direction? Where do I mail it to? Do I need anything else to go with it? Help!
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    The "aid & attendance" that is featured on this website relates for non-service connected pension. The amount received is based on countable income after adjustments for medical expenses.

    Your Mother is receiving a service-connected death benefit. It is not based on income and the VA does not require any info regarding income and/or medical expenses. There is additional monetary benefit for "aid & attendance" under this program. The amount and section of the law is listed below.

    If the surviving spouse is entitled to A&A, add $265. (38 U.S.C. 1311(c))

    Be sure to keep the letter and/or envelope that you received with the form. Try to think back to the date that you talked to the VA counselor because that should consititute an informal claim and her effective date should be the same.

    You need to return the form to the VA Regional Office that has her file. Probably in the State where she is now residing.

    Be sure the form has all sections completed that relates to the veteran's name; claim number and social security number.

    Hope this addressed all of your questions. If not please let us know.
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    Thank You so much. I will return the aid and attendance form to her home state of Oklahoma at the va regional office in Muskogee. They have her file even though she lives with me in California. I will post again if anything happens. Again, thanks for the help.

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