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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by claysee, May 18, 2007.

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    We've waited 13 months for the VA Aid and Attendance. It's been one thing after another. I'm so glad I had a copy of everything I brought down and had it stamped. Anyways, we're down to the part prior to approval. My mother has dementia but an IQ of 95. She's been in a private pay ALF for almost 3 years. She ran out of her money in January and my husband and myself took out a second mortgage and have been paying the extra $2,200 a month. You mentioned in another post about a fidicuiary and a physician's statement. Is there a certain statement that the VA provides? When I had supplied all the medical evidence 8 months ago; the VA then requested it could only be on their VA form. They sent it to me 11 months into the process. My mother has signed a lot of the letters and her medical records document her IQ of 95. My husband and myself are going out of our minds with the financial burden. I just can't afford any more delays. Is there a special form that I should ask for? I'm almost afraid to or they will delay it no matter what. Or should I just receive a statement from her doctor now or wait for approval? Any and all information you could provide would be so appreciated. I am so tired of being so scared.
    Ann K.
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    There is a special form for A&A because the VA must have detailed information regarding the requirement for the higher level of care. Depending on the information contained in that report will determine if the VA feels a fidicuary is needed.

    The VA has to be reminded of their own rules and regulations at times. Like with the A&A benefit they don't publicize these and they wont consider them without you asking. I am attaching a 'press release' that was made by the VA but not given much circulation.

    We can make a change in the system if we work together and hold the VA accountable. We owe it to our veterans.
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    Hi Ann:

    Do you have the special form for A&A that you have filled out? Does that form include a special Doctor's statements form with it or is it something that has to be downloaded or requested from the VA? Do you know the form number? I have an application I downloaded from the Veteranaid website with instructions and am hoping that is all I need. I am getting ready to submit my "first application" for A&A for my mom next week and want to be sure I have everything I need. I hope you and I can help each other thru this process. Since you seem to have a lot more experience I'm sure you will be more helpful to me than me to you but I am here for whatever you need. Wish me luck.


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