Proof Annually? And Prescription Assistance

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ksflygirl, May 8, 2017.

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    Well we are blessed to be on the positive end of this journey. Pension received, back pay deposited. Now a different question. What happens from here? Do we have to prove anything, submit anything each year? Paperwork etc?
    We also received a letter from the VA asking if we need prescription assistance. Honestly my FIL's med costs are relatively low, so probably not. Do we respond to this letter or do nothing? TIA!
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    No, the VA no longers requires an annual update for those receiving pension. However, any time anything changes (income or medical expenses) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE report it to the VA immediately. Many times my work involves me with trying to rectify overpayment issues because something was not reported timely. But remember even if you report it right away the VA does not move fast so once they figure it out they may claim overpayment but if you have proof it was submitted timely a waiver is much easier to be granted due to the VA's error.
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    Thank you Matt for your prompt reply. In my FIL's case his income will not change because he just has social security and a small pension. His medical expenses are just the few medications he takes. Basically, the entire amount of his A and A pension covers his assisted living costs. Thanks!
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