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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nananorma, May 15, 2008.

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    My POA Form 21-22a for my mother (a surviving spouse) has been returned twice with the same cover letter stating "we are unable to process your POA. Please return form 21-22a after choosing a POA from the complete listing of POA's that are recognized, this has been provided. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you." Attached the the letter is 12 pages of organizations and attorneys to choose from.

    My question is: as the daughter of a surviving spouse, I have checked in box 7B: Representative providing representation under section 14.630. Why won't they acknowledge this? I am in Texas and filing through a regional office in Waco, TX.
    After the first return, I sent the POA and a letter back to them with copies of 14.360 stating "any person may be authorized......."

    Am I just dealing with someone in the VA that is not familiar with this....should I give up and randomly choose someone from their list?? What do they want? I'm almost at my wit's end and this is only three months into my process. We were sent a letter 10 days after filing stating my mother was approved for benefits but because of her dementia, must have a POA and fiduciary appointed.

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    Your post almost sounds like a reply to my post of 5/30/2008. Note that I am no expert and have questions myself... Your situation seems to dictate using a Veterans Service Organization as the Claimant's Representative.

    This option would be to file VA Form 21-22 which appoints a Veterans Service Organization to act as the "Claimant's Representative". As I understand it, Veterans Service Organizations include the VFW, American Legion, (in Colorado) the Colorado Division of Veterans Affairs, +plus+ others. I just Googled "Veterans Service Organizations Waco Texas". A variety appear to exist in Waco!!!

    I will be watching this topic/post closely to see what other people offer as advice. Good Luck!

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    Thanks for your input. I'm waiting now to see if it's returned for the third time - but so far nothing. If it is, I'm sure I'll just pick a Veterans org. in the area. I'm not contesting the issue that she needs someone to represent her, I just would like it to be me but not sure that will happen. I would be happy if they would just send the money directly to the assisted living facility. I don't care at this point; we are just running out of money quickly. I'll post the outcome!
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    Dear NanaNorma,

    This reply is from ST (the first reply on this post). I will watch for the outcome on your third try...

    After posting my reply, it occurred to me to search this forum using "21-22a". I have now read much more about 21-22 vs 21-22a and I must say that 21-22A is overwhelmingly recommended (by VeteranAdvocate). Please do not file form 21-22 without benefiting from the "21-22a" search.

    GOOD LUCK! (To us all)

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    We have a slightly different problem. All paperwork was thorougly filled-out in our intitial application with all supporting docs. I also included a detailed over letter, my DPOA AND the form 21-22a, which my mother signed on the "Signature of Claimant" line which appointed me, her son, on line 7a to be Claimant's Representative.

    The Oregon VA office sent it to her with a letter stating that if she could no longer handle her affairs, then her rep should sign the form and return it with the court papers giving that person legal authority to sign on her behalf, or return the form with a doctor's note stating that she could no longer handle her affairs (I assume they would try to assign a fiduciary rep with the second one).

    I thought that the form 21-22b which she signed appointing me was good enough? They don't even acknowledge the form, but do say that they won't accept the DPOA which I included in the pkg.

    I was very upset by the whole situation since my Mom has early Alzheimers and they sent the entire pkg directly to her, where it sat for almost 2 months since she didn't know what it was and tucked it away - I only found it by accident. No other important mail has been going to her because of her situation - I have been handling everything.

    Has anyone had a similar situation where the VA office just refuses to acknowledge the Form 21-22b? or a DPOA for that matter? If so, what did you do? Can I call them - will they talk to me?

    Any advice is much appreciated.


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    First welcome and we hope that you will find some helpful support through the forums. Our newsletter just went out yesterday covering this very subject, so I am going to send you a copy to best answer your question. If anyone else wants a copy, let me know, and I will be happy to forward on.

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