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Discussion in 'Share Your Personal Experience' started by BeckyE, Jul 27, 2014.

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    I am so thankful to be able to report my 89 year old WW II veteran father has just received notification his aid and attendance pension benefit will start in August and the amount is $1945/month!
    Our process of application started in April 2014. We correspond with the St. Paul VA and they are really on top of things. I think his age probably has a lot to do with it. We received requests for additional information towards the end of May. We immediately obtained the necessary documents/verification (bank account interest, etc.) and sent everything back via overnight mail. Last week he received a letter apologizing for the delay, letting us know they had received our packet, and that they are working on it. Then yesterday another letter came with the good news.
    I don't think there was any delay at all and I am so impressed that the entire process took only 3 months. Once we had submitted all of the original and additional information requested, the time to process his application was less than 6 weeks.
    As soon as he receives his first payment we will be making a donation to I will also write a thank you letter to the St. Paul VA office. We appreciate all of the help we received via this website. It has been invaluable. I hope everyone else receives good news also.

    Becky (Seattle, WA.)
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    Congratulations on getting through the process, and sharing your good news.

    We certainly appreciate your considerations in supporting our work and efforts.

    All the best to you and your Dad.
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    Thank you so very much.

    I think our quick acceptance was also based on the extensive and correct information we gave them. I researched and re-read everything so many times. Luckily I had the time to do this right now as I am semi-retired, and I will agree that is a lot of info. and forms to fill out. I did it very methodically and made absolutely sure I answered all questions and filled out the forms in the manner requested. I also filed the forms in an easy to understand format. I didn't do the binder format, but assembled them logically and wrote a short but to the point cover letter. When the request for more information came I assembled it and sent it overnight FedEX so they probably paid extra attention to it.

    I am so thankful this benefit is available. I am going to spread the word to friends and family. Thanks once again,, for your invaluable assistance and my thoughts are with all veteran's families who are working hard for their family members.
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    When I launched 9 years ago, it was with the intention to make a difference for others due to my personal experience of caring for my parents and not having the resources to do so.

    When I learn that I was able to assist someone else from my efforts, it really makes me happy to know I have done so.

    Thank you again for sharing your journey with everyone here.

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