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  1. wayne44

    wayne44 Newbie

    Hello all,

    I need some guidance and would appreciate any advice and direction.

    My Dad is receiving Aid & Attendance benefits. I have put him in a facility

    one year ago. Is my understanding that once approved, the VA will pay benefits starting

    from the month the application is made. That being true, then two months arrears payments

    would be due us. How do I get the VA to reimburse for two months arrears payment?

    The local VA representative does not seem to fully understand the question.

  2. PMC-Chris

    PMC-Chris Newbie

    Hi wayne44,

    First of all, congratulations on having your father's application only take 2 months to complete!

    Second, it's hard to give you advice without a little more information. When did you submit your application? Did you submit an informal claim before that? What does your father's award letter say? It should start with something like "We've made a decision on your claim received on (date)." The rating decision should show the date entitlement began as well.
  3. wayne44

    wayne44 Newbie

    Hello PMC- Chris,

    Thanks for you reply.

    We re-checked our files for a letter informing us of the approval. There is
    none. What we 'Did' receive was a phone call from the VA informing us the approval
    had gone through.

    The application was made May 1, 2009. We received the first direct deposit July 1,2009. The V. A. rep tells us that deposit is for benefits starting June 1, 2009. In other words, arrears is not applicable since June was covered.

    So that means the month May, 2009 would (should) be covered.

    In regard to that point, we are told :

    1) It might be the case that benefits received are higher than they should be to cover May, 2009.
    2) We might get a lump sum payment (one day) for the May,2009 benefit.

    In other words, the rep is merely speculating and does not what to pursue a definitive answer.

    We very much appreciate the rep's hard work to get the benefits approved quickly. However, that does not negated the fact that something definitive should be known about May, 2009.

    Thanks for your any comments and advice
  4. Max

    Max Hero Member

    Well two points on that:

    1. If you don't have an award letter, it might not be completed. We usually don't give phone calls in lieu of sending letters. I would call into the call center and ask them if there is a current pending issue. If there is a pending issue, ask them what it is and what is necessary to complete the claim.

    2. Payments are issued one month in arrears. A payment for May is issued on or about June 1. This might explain the mix-up?
  5. wayne44

    wayne44 Newbie

    I would no longer call it a mixup. It is receiving ' non-definitive' answer as to why did we 'not' received the payment for May,2009. (first deposite was July, 2009). Since a definitive answer is unavailble, I'll do as you suggest and phone the call-center.

    Please tell me about the call center. I was not aware of such a thing.

    Thanks again.
  6. KarenO

    KarenO Jr. Member

    How I understand it - benefits are retroactive to the month after you apply. You applied in May, so benefits are retroactive to June. The check you received on July 1st covers June so there isn't anything retroactive.
  7. wayne44

    wayne44 Newbie

    Now I understand. Thanks so much for your help.

    So on to my next thing to try an figure out. Yesterday, my mother-in-law (wife of the vet)
    was sent to the hospital from their Assisted living facility. The hospital Doctors will be
    releasing her with the orders (or whatever the term is) to go to a nursing home.
    Add to that the order will be to put her under Hospice Care. Of course we are stunned.

    We'll be meeting again with a financial -- Medicaid - tri-care advisor. (so far, the third advisor).
    to sort all this out. Their home is their only asset.

    With your help, we finality got the arrears question settled.

    Thanks again.

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