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    Hi all,

    As I start this A&A application process for my Mom, I have gotten great help not only from this website (thanks Debbie !!!), but mainly from all of you who have posted success stories and problems..... all helpful! I do sincerely hope that your problems are diminished and overcome asap! I am optimistic that, with info gathered herein, our application process won't be too difficult.

    Mom is now in an ILF, and receives care with bathing and cleaning several times a week. With mac degeneration and other ailments, she wants to remain independent as long as possible. Sisters and I support her wish, but we all realize the day will come when she must move into AL because of eyesight and other concerns.

    So my question, in case anyone has dealt with this aspect of A&A: If the VA comes thru with financial support while she is in her current ILF, what happens when the move is made to an ALF? Is that the time when form 21-4138 should be submitted with details about the new location and added expense? If so, what other documents would be necessary to support the revised claim?

    Thanks to anyone who can respond .... really appreciate it!

    Greg :)
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    The VA does not recognize IL's as "custodial care" facilities, and will not consider her rent there as a "medical" deduction.

    You can claim the expenses for the care she is paying to come in, but it may not be enough to bring her "countable" income down to financially qualify.

    Thank you for your kind words about my efforts, and I'm glad to be here for you as you move forward with meeting your Mom's needs.

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