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    Hi, so glad I found this site!

    My 89 year old mother has been diagnosed with dementia. My father was a WWII war time veteran. All listed requirements seem, to the best of my knowledge, that she will be eligible for benefits. My questions is at what point in her needed care will she be approved to receive benefits. Right now she is living at home, but will be moving into a facility that has an independent living side and an assisted living side. She will for now move into the independent side, and the cost of this she can manage without the benefit. But when the time comes to move into the assisted living side or a memory care facility, that will cost way to much to pay from her income. Of course, no one knows when this time will come. I have noticed a lot of changes in her this last year and would like to be prepared. Do I send all application paperwork in now or wait? Thank you for any information.
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    I would advise you to go ahead and file.

    This will create a file with the VA - establishing eligibility for the pension and A&A. If she is over income, she will be denied any benefit at this time. At a later date, when her financial situation changes, she can report those changes and things should go through a little quicker.
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    Thank you for your reply. I will go ahead and apply now as you suggested. She is on a waiting list to move into a independent/assisted living facility that has no vacancies at this time, but hoping within the next few months there will be an opening for her. On the application now she doesn't have this expense and lives in her paid for home. Her countable income will be quite different at that time. I suppose I would apply now without the cost of the facility and then update it at the time she moves, even though it should be in a couple of months?

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