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    Looking for help in getting my mom Aid & Attendance. She is 84 and disabled--needs assistance for several medical conditions. COPD, RA, is presently recovering from a hip replacement due to balance issues from a fall. She receives only social security. There is an assistant living facility that she can go to but can't afford the payment. They accept A&A is partial payment. Our problem is my dad's discharge papers are missing (he passed 20 years ago; was a veteran of WWII - flew many missions and received many medals. (8th Air Force) He passed at the VA in Loma Linda, CA and is buried at Forest Lawn, Glendale, where my mom was presented with the flag. His copy of discharge I believe was either with VA or Forest Lawn (as he had it prior to passing). I've contacted both and both have destroyed records that old. His original on file with government records was destroyed in the "big fire". Does anyone know how do we apply for A&A for my mom if we can't get a hold of a copy of his discharge papers? Thank you so much for your help.
    Denise Humphrey
    Daughter of Kenneth T. Wright - decreased veteran of World War II - 8th Air Force
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    Did you request your father's papers from:

    National Personnel Records Center
    Military Personnel Records
    1 Archives Drive
    St. Louis, MO 63138


    Also, did they indicate your father's paperwork was destroyed in the 1976 fire in that facility?
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    Good point. My understanding is only Army records were destroyed in the fire.
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