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    My father, a regular army (warrant officer), passed away on January 2, 2000. He had over 20 years service and was in WWII as well as in Korea.

    Over the years we were told NOTHING of available benefits for my mother, the surviving spouse. We did know of the SBA(?) annuity my father signed up for when enlisting in 1942. And, of course, Medicare.

    We learned about the military Tri Care for Life (the old Champus) by accident only a few years ago and recently Tri Care now has what is called TMOP (Tri Care Mail Order Prescriptions). Local pharmacies charges either $3 or $9 per presription and TMOP charges only ONE MONTH ($3 or $9, each) and you get TWO MONTHS FREE. Prior to this my mother was at the "mercy" of an HMO and they limited drug prescription costs to about $300 per year and she had some high "copays" on hospitals and doctors visits as well as on medical tests.

    She is 86 years and is in failing health. She recently sold her home and has moved into an Independant Living Facility. It would be a God-Send for her to have some benefits or another income to offset the enormous cost of her regular monthly expenses and it would maybe take a load off me (I am all she has) to find benefits or income to assist with some of the chores that I have been doing for seven years and with whatever assistance from the many areas that I now provide. She will soon need Assisted Care and now needs someone to regularly visit her for personal care and with her daily/weekly tasks.

    I understand that my mother may be elegible for a VA benefit in addition to her military pension (the SBA annuity) and her Social Security. If any one can give some advice to me regarding what other benefits she may be entitled and/or advice how to fill out the VA complicated forms I would greatly appreciate it.

    You may use the forum or (my preference) would be the Internet -- email to my AOL account (A46Ercoupe@AOL.Com). I coud also use a personal phone call to chat in real time from any knowledgable person to linda "walk" me through forms and filings. (I can be reached by Cell Phone any free time after 9PM weekdays and I have free all day weekends).


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