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    My father will be 94 in a few days. He resides in an assisted living facility and is private pay for all expenses there. He is a veteran of WWII and has never applied for benefits from the VA. He is definitely below the asset limit and has half of his monthly assisted living charge paid by his children. Prior to assisted living, he spent 7 months in a nursing home on private pay. As I start this process, I have a question.

    1. If I send an Intent to File for benefits for Dad, will Intent to File exclude his paperwork from consideration for FDC? I've already requested DD-214.
    I've also started some of the paperwork you list on your site. I would like to have consideration for benefits for him to start as soon as possible before we are unable to continue paying for assisted living. I think I can have all of his paperwork ready within a week.

    I visited a VSO a few months ago and was given a health benefits form but received no forms for pension or aid and attendance.
    Thank you again for your site. I apologize if my question is answered elsewhere on the site. I have been reading and copying as much info as I can.
    I'm sure I will have more questions.
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    You can print all the necessary forms off from the site for making application.

    If you think that you will have a completed application done in a week or so, there really is no need to do the "informal" claim. Those are done when it is going to take considerable time to gather everything, The VA does not pro-rate dates, so if you get a FDC application off this month, the effective date would be the same. If you feel it will take longer, you can do the "informal" and no, it will not impact the FDC.

    Be sure to use these forums, and sites to help navigate, and Good Luck with the process.

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