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Discussion in 'Share Your Personal Experience' started by Surf, Jul 30, 2014.

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    My Dad passed away Jan 12 2014 he served 18 months during WW2 it has been such a long hard time trying to get my Dad benefits first when he was alive for Pension for being disabled and now trying to get the death pension for my Mom.We recently got a letter from the VA saying they are processing app for Pension sorry for delay we will contact you as soon as possible please inform us if your mailing addy has changed...Then yesterday I called the 877 line and talked to someone saying my Mom makes too much per month...She is 86 and living on SS getting only 1000 a month..her taxes alone are 9600 a year how does the GOV expect people to live on that without getting help? I have moved in to be a caregiver as she has mobility problems and I do all the cooking and cleaning and help her do anything she needs...Will she be denied the death pension because SS pays her 1000 a month?
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    This pension is intended to pay for care, not taxes, not house payments, not utilities etc.

    If she is not paying you to be her caregiver, then she has no expenses to claim indicating she cannot afford her "care" without this pension.

    On the "Basic" level of this pension, the rate is $708, and she exceeds that by $292, so unless she can demonstrate a need for the higher level of A&A to offset care expenses, she is not going to financially qualify.
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    So basically my Mom will have to pay me say 1000 a month for her to qualify? I read somewhere that the VA pays family caregivers up to 1600 a month how do you qualify for that? Thanks for the help I am glad I found this site
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    We are not aware of the other program that you reference unless it is one that only applies to the recent conflicts and would not be the case for your Mom.

    For the purposes of this pension, yes she would need to be paying you bring her income down to zero or negative.

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