Need help in how to document "Last Illness Expenses"

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    I have contacted the VA and know I must now file Form 21-601 for reimbursement of personal expenses. I would really like to hear from anyone who has successfully gone through this process. (If not successful, do you know why?) I noticed there is a requirement to have all expenses supported by bills/statements on the "regular billhead of the creditor". This requirement is definitely more stiff than when submitting evidence of personal expense for reimbursement (retroactive benefits) under the Fiduciary review process. I only had to provide copies of checks for those.

    How did all of you document these expenses? Do you have a form or template you used (over and beyond the actual form 21-601) and are willing to share? Feel free to respond via the forum or private message. I want to make sure I do this right, because I won't get a second chance!

    Originally posted directly to VSR, but welcome input from anyone in the Forum with similar situation/experiences.


    You (and many in the Forum) helped me tremendously while working through the A&A benefits application process. My mother was so grateful and able to utilize these benefits for a few months until she passed away several weeks ago - February 8. She had yet to receive her retroactive benefits. Shortly before her passing, we were interviewed by the Field Examiner for my Fiduciary appointment. I just returned home to find in the mail my approval as her legal custodian, with approval to reimburse a family member for personal funds used. The retroactive benefit check has not been received and I am pretty sure I could not process it anyway (I think).

    I quickly scrolled through the forum postings to try and find someone with a similar situation. There are probably a few there, but I just have not found them.

    My question is, "what must I do next?" I did not have any of my VA paperwork with me in Florida while helping to close my mothers affairs. I know I need to call the VA to officially notify them of my mother's passing, but am not sure if I call the Fiduciary Hub, Pension Center, or both. What do I do if I receive the check? And there is still a tremendous need to obtain any portion of the retroactive benefits we can to cover past personal expenses. At the time of the fiduciary interview I only had a portion of these expenses documented to provide to the Field Examiner. I now have considerably more. I know the process to have these expenses reimbursed after her death is long AND I am already finding them confusing.

    Long story short, I am looking for guidance. After I have finished filing the paperwork, I will definitely publish my experiences - obtaining the A&A benefits, Fiduciary process, and the final reimbursement process.

    Thank you in advance.

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    The rules for processing accrued benefits is frankly kind of screwy. Generally, you just need to submit a 21-601, death cert, and receipts for expenses you paid for care/last illness/funeral. That being said, make sure that you are the only person who paid the expenses (if there are two expenses and two different people are listed as having paid them, it gets drawn out).

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