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Just wanted to tell my story

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  1. marykay539

    marykay539 Newbie

    My husband has had parkensons since 1987, he is now 61 years old. I have applied for A&A just still waiting for them to see what happens next. On February 4th 2009 I found my husband on the floor blood everywhere from broken mirrors. He took an overdose to end his life. I called 911 and after a very long time in the hospital and dozens of trips to doctors, he is doing better. Before this he needed daily care now he needs 24 hour care and supervision. most falls on me have since quit working and taken my social secuirty so we can try to pay bills and get by day by day. Children are no help they have there own lives and do not want the burden. There idea is to put him in a home I won't do that yet. I promised I would keep him home as long as I can.
    I have gotten two letters telling me they are several ahead of me and they will get to our paper work as soon as possible. We are spending his va check to pay for the little help we get and $800 a month is a big payout for us but i can not do it all alone.
    Well the drive to doctors are no vacation we drive 211 miles to Wichita and 2 weeks agao had to go to Kansas City mo. The travel pay helps but barly covers the gas and hotel expience let alone eating. Thats where we have to pay also I can no longer drive long distance because of arthritis, so our grandaughters help out 2 of them take turns driving us. They don't ask us to pay them but feel we need to after all they take the days off to take us.

    Well thats our story for now LOL


    Mary Kay and Charles
  2. marykay539

    marykay539 Newbie

    We got our aproval letter this morning. They are going to give us another $663.00 a month for his care. Only took about three months from the time they got oure aplication until now so not so long. Claims we should get the little back pay in about 14 days. This is going to help so much, can afford to have more help thats a blessing for sure.

    Mary Kay
  3. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    Mary Kay,

    Great news and we are sure this addtional money will be a big help.

    Thanks for sharing and updating us.

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