Must apply for Medicaid (FL); A&A award received last month; Now over max income

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    My story seems to be the reverse of most I have seen posted.

    After a long application process, my mother finally received a survivor pension award in July 2013. The celebration was short-lived as my mother had a bad fall and subsequent surgery in June. After one month of PT/OT it has been determined that she will be unable to return to ALF. The ONLY way we can support her needs is to place her in a skilled/long-term care nursing home. The ONLY way we can pay for this is to apply for Medicaid. Unfortunately, with her social security AND the new A&A monthly benefit, she is OVER the max income allowed for Florida.

    I have been told that even though her VA benefit will drop to $90 if Medicaid was approved (which would then place her within income limits), her current income is what is considered and she will be rejected. Unbelievable as she just received her first check this month. That check is going for past medical expenses so it will not be in the bank for very long.

    Does anyone on this forum have suggestions on who to contact for guidance? I do not have to hit the "enter" button on her Medicaid application until September 1, so hoping to find some answers quickly. Please ask if you need more information or clarification. The story is long and I am trying to keep the background short!
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    Everything you just described is unnecessary for VA purposes actually. If you have a Medicaid application pending, VA will you just grant at the Medicaid rate. Then if the app gets denied, they can increase the rate (it almost never gets denied)
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    VSR, in your post you wrote "seldom gets denied". Would you clarify what you mean? What seldom gets denied? My husband is receiving A&A pension but will soon be going to an ALF. I will be applying for Medicaid in order to pay the difference between what we are getting from the A&A pension and the cost of the Texas it is called Medicaid Waiver CBA Program. I understand the VA benefit will drop to $90. I also understand this Particular Medicaid program takes a considerable time to be approved. My concern is running out of money before Medicaid approval. I know your expertise is in about the VA pension but just needed some clarification concerning your previous post. Thank you.


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