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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by scshisler, Jul 8, 2011.

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    I am seriously considering moving my mother from an ALF in Florida, to a less costly one in NY. She currently gets the maximum A&A amount as surviving spouse because the monthly cost of $3300 far exceeds her income from SS & Survivor Benefit of $1711 (SS income of $1045 and Survivor benefit of $666, which is 50% of my dad's military retirement pay). Her income including the A&A is now $2766 which is $534 short of her monthly rent.

    My sister and I have had to make up the difference each month and thought we could maintain that. But we simply cannot, as we are running out of money. This is why we have to move her.

    The new ALF has two rooms available. A studio that would cost her roughly $2350 and a 1 bedroom that would cost $2750 (both of which include medication management, which is a $500 expense). If she moved into the studio, I assume that the VA would reassess her financial need and change the award from the maximum of $1055, to $639 - just enough to be able to pay the rent with nothing left over.

    I was told by a service officer that reporting the move is simple, and that I just need to send a letter that states the date she moves out of the current ALF, and the date that she moves into the new one. As well as a statement of expense from the new ALF. He said that there won't be a lapse in the A&A award for the month that she moves, but I am skeptical of that and am also concerned that the VA will want the money back.

    Does anyone have further info on this?

    Also - would the necessity of moving her be considered financially necessary and be allowed as an expense?
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    No they will not reduce her benefit - they do not include the VA benefit when calculating income for VA purposes, so Income of $1,716 minus ALF fee of $2,350 would leave her with $0 Income for VA purposes and the full $1,056 so she'd have some extra funds each month.

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